Greetings  from   the office   of the vocations  Director.

I thank  God who calls  youth  to become  members   in our  Society. To become a member  of Apostolic  Life Community   of Priests  is a response  to a call  from God. It is a  call  to a particular   style  of personal  santification  and a particular   apostolic life.  A member  of ALCP/OSS  is called by God   to the  World   of Easter Pentecost, to the content   and   context   of Easter and Pentecost.
The office  of the Vocations  Director  is a kind   of a door  through   which  new mwmbers   enters   our Society.  I welcome all the youth  who feel that  they are called   to live  this kind   of life  in our society.  The apostolic  Life Community   of Priests  in the Opus  Spiritus  Sancti  (ALCP/OSS)  is a society   of Catholic  Priests   which was   founded  in Mammolshain-Koenigstain,  Germany on 21st November  1974  by late   Rev.  Bernhard Bendel.   It is the fifth  independent  Society  founded   by Fr. Bernahard Bendel  since 1950. The common name used   for all  five Societies  is “ Opus  Spiritus   Sancti” that is literary,  the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Charism  of the  ALCP/OSS  consists  in having   a priestly  vocation  inspired and sustained   by Easter – Pentecost  spirituality, which   in turn  is the result   of the outpouring   of the  Holy Spirit  in the Pentecostal  Event. It is a   living   in union  with the Risen  Lord  by the power  of the Holy Spirit  and his gifts.

Specific apostolate

  1. To serve and assist the other Communities/Societies of the Opus Spiritus Sancti.
  2. To respond to the needs of local Church as expressed and identified by their local ordinaries.
  3. To seek and reach out to those who in contemporary world have weakened or lost their faith.

Stages of formation

  1. Formation one
  2. We accept candidates to join our Society in order   to begin formation one. These candidates are those who have completed   form six and passed with division one or two for Tanzania and their equivalents in the rest of the countries.  We accept also those   who have completed universities (collages) and have degree or diploma.

  3. Formation one or Postulancy
  4. Three years of Philosophy at Jordan University. At this stage the candidate participates   in the intellectual formation of philosophy.

  5. Formation Two
  6. Formation two, also called the noviciate, is the period of training and preparation for the candidate prior to taking vows and being incorporated temporarily in the society. This period lasts for one year and it is done at Bernhard Bende Formation House- Molangi. At the stage, the candidate learns in length the life of the Society, prayer life and work.  

  7. Four years of Theology at Jordan University College-Morogoro.
  8. Pastoral Year; one year of gaining   some pastoral experience in a parish or an institution.
  9. After one of pastoral experience, seminarians make their perpetual dedication and contract   with the society and are ordained deacons.
  10. Priesthood; after six months of deaconate the deacon is ordained priests.

For those willing to join our Society, visit the following contacts.

The ALCP/OSS-Africa Province
The Vocation Director
P.O. Box 734,

Phone:  +255 783 761 279
E-mail:  apostolic.comlife74@yahoo.com
Website:  www.alcp-oss-africaprovince.org