ALCP Kilasara Secondary is a school owned by the Congregation of Apostolic Life Community of Priest in the Opus Spiritus Sanct (ALCP/OSS). It was officially blessed and inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Joseph Israel the Superior General ALCP/OSS on 7th Jan 2012 with an enrolment of 106 form one students, 6 teaching staff and 10 non teaching staff under the head of School Rev. Fr. Revocatus Mbuya. It is a boarding school for boys and girls.
The school is located at Karansi village found at Siha district in the region of Kilimanjaro. The school has been registered by the Ministry of Education and Science and Technology with the registration number S.4691 and given the Examination Center number S. 5097.
The school receives students from various parts of Tanzania in order to help them to acquire good education for their future life. Currently the school has 418 students from form one to form four.
Academically the school is doing well: the first form four of 2015 out of 102 students who finished form four 91 students were selected to join form five and other colleges. Second form four of 2016 out of 84 students who finished form four 79 students were selected to join form five and other colleges and one student became among the top ten students in the nation. Currently the school is doing well academically.

“With education we can do” 
The students are equipped with the knowledge of life skills so as to be competent and useful youths in performing productive matters in the society and in the national level at large.

Creation of an environment that fosters respectful and responsible students
The School is committed in providing quality education basing on life skills for productive, acceptable and useful students who are committed in following national codes of conducts and good cultural values. We aim at good academic excellence striving to become one of the best schools in Tanzania.
To build a respectful society by appreciating individual talents and differences, encourage one another to reach our potential; to create an environment that fosters respectful and responsible students.


  1. Hard working

Making every one committed to perform his or her duties and responsibility for the development of our school and nation at large.

  1. Respectful

The School is aiming at creating students with the feeling of admiration to others due to their good qualities and achievements.

  1. Collaboration

To build the desire of working close among students themselves and the teachers to foster brother hood society within and outside Kilasara Secondary School.

  1. Cooperation

To encourage students to work hand in hand with others within the community so as to fulfill the demands of shared aims to have an ideal society.

  1. Team work

We are committed to impart to students the spirit of working together well for better attainment of aimed goals within and outside Kilasara Secondary School.

  1. Inquisitive

Enriching the minds of students to be curious to find out about what other people are doing in order to come up with better solutions to different challenges in different perspectives of life.