The general Council   of the ALCP/OSS made assessment of the Community’s life in different areas in its   full session of December 1997 by winding up the year 1997. One of the important areas the General   Council dealt with was about   our   seminarians’ vocation and formation.

In the same year however, the general council made a decision concerning the opening of the ALCP/OSS-HOLY SPIRIT FATHERS FORMATION HOUSE, by then the Holy Spirit College. Our seminarians could no longer   go to the bishops’  seminaries  (Since there were some complains about our seminarians),  they would go to the Salvatorian  Seminary (of the RSAT), instead which was   by then an institute   of Philosophy  and Theology  and in the next  academic  year  it was   going  to  be  Jordan  University  affiliated  to St.  Augustine University, Mwanza, Tanzania.  Our seminarians would be   under our ALCP/OSS-HOLY SPIRIT FATHERS FORMATION HOUSE, for the instruction and formation.