Rossana English Medium Pre & Primary School is a School owned by the Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Spiritus Sancti. The School was started in 2016 and realized in 2017. The School is located in LEKRIMUNI-Siha District, about 60 kilometres from Moshi town.  The idea of grounding the School originated from some Italian visitor who when taking a walk were astonished seen many children only grazing the cows instead of going to school. After been interrogated by the visitors the children showed their sympathy per why they do not go to School, the following reasons were given.

  1. No School near their home areas.
  2. Their parents are extremely poor
  3. Their society is nomadic (Maasai), who do not value education.

The above reasons aroused the burning heart to the visitors and in one voice joined the foundation of the School, of which there are many children benefiting from the school.
In fact, as it is fore mentioned, the School is located at Maasai area, of about 20,000 people, of whom the majority are still illiterate because of the lack of School. Rossana English medium pre-and primary School is still under construction and when finished it is estimated to serve almost 800 students at intake.

The school bears the name Rossana, the name of the sister of Maria (one Italian visitor) who expressed her deep sympathy and concern in starting the school serving the poor children.

Motto: Education for life transformation.

Following the initiative of our Italian visitors and Germany sponsors  in realizing the projects for benefit  of the poor, we will be glad  if you want to help  the smile of these poor children by donating something little for them and this  will be the most beautiful reward  for them....may God bless you and reward you.  Thank you....