The Goals of the ALCP/OSS Society

1. Spiritual goals

  • To realize the new life of the Risen Christ through the transforming action of the Holy Spirit. This transformation is achieved through the Holy Spirit by reconciliation, Eucharist, faithfulness to the sacred bonds and community life.
  • To remain in an ever openness and obedience to the Holy Spirit.
  • To live according to the Spirit of the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5-8).
  • To practice daily the new law of love for one another as the Lord himself has shown

2. Missionary goals
  • Just as the first apostolic community moved out of the Pentecost Room   to proclaim the Risen Lord to the whole World, so is every member to respond generously when he is sent out by the Society.
  • The Society fosters and guards the missionary spirit as part of its patrimony. This Spirit is to be inculcated in all the members   in their community life, in their prayer life, and in the entire program of formation-culminating in the pastoral work.
  •  To serve and assist the other communities/ societies of the Opus Spiritus Sancti.
  • To search those who have weakened or lost their faith through secularism, materialism or atheism especially in the developed world.
  • To respond to the needs of local Churches as expressed and identified by their local ordinaries.