The Province

All the House Communities in a Province form the Provincial Community under the Provincial Superior and his Council.
The Provincial Council Consists of:

  • The Provincial Superior
  • The Assistant Provincial Superior
  • Three Councillors.

Currently, the Provincial Council of ALCP/OSS Africa Province, consists of:

  • The Provincial Superior:              Rev. Fr. Calistus Kirongozi Tarimo.
  • The Ass. Provincial Superior:      Rev. Fr. Antipas Albert Tarimo, ALCP/OSS.
  • Three Councillors:                          
    1. Rev. Fr. Jerome J. Okama, ALCP/OSS.
    2. Rev. Fr. Thomas M. Marwa, ALCP/OSS.
    3. Rev. Fr. Salvatory M. Kisela, ALCP/OSS.